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What MASt at Cambridge?

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    Hi! I am an Italian students, and I have already received good answers in a old post of mine(UK master degree, requirements).
    I have decided to apply in the UK, and I have discoverd that at Cambridge there are 2 MASt suitable for Physicists.
    MASt in Physics, and MASt in Applied Mathematics. The former offers a few courses, while the latter offers a plenty of courses. I am interested in Cosmology and General Relativity and QFT, hoping to pursue a Ph.D.

    The MASt in Physics seems to me less indicated for me, because there's a prevalence of Condensed Matter Physics, and maybe I wouldn't be able to have a complete education on Cosmology and General Relativity(there's only one lecture course nemed Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology).
    However, the MASt in Mathematics is primarily for mathematicians(I suppose).

    I am applying also to other universities, but, as far as Cambridge, what MASt would you advise me to apply for?
    I thougt to apply for both of them, and then, should I be admitted, think about it. However I am worried that applying to two MASt could prejudice my(small) chances to be admitted.
    Any advice?

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