What Material Is This?

  1. What is the name of this parts and what is the material is used to make this part?


    Thank you
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  3. berkeman

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    Do you know where the picture was taken? It could be several things...
  4. looks like stone to me --- some kind of grain crusher perhaps
  5. berkeman

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    That was my thought too, but it seems strange that it would have a serial number and a year "2004" engraved on it if it's just a grain crusher. Although I suppose it could be part of a modern industrial machine, and they need to track the datecode to know when to swap it out as worn out...

    That's the trouble with OPs like this. We end up having to guess at so much...
  6. SteamKing

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    Especially since the image is titled 'stone-grinder.jpg'.

    It could be cataloged as part of an archeological collection.
  7. berkeman

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    Occam's Razor! :tongue2:
  8. Danger

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    That date appears to be just a grease pencil or chalk marking. Perhaps the day that it was found?
  9. chemisttree

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    It is a hand mill used to prepare dough or batter directly from grain. It is (was) used in India and there is known as a Ragado. Made of stone, probably a fine-grained lavastone.

    "The Ragado (Konkani term) is a traditional Stone Grinder used to prepare
    batter typically used for dosas, idlis and other Indian cooking needs. Its a dying art that will go away with this current generation."
    Youtube demonstration
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