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What material would i need to make this experiment?

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    basically on the right side you have one meter depth water and on the left side one meter of air contact dry and both sides comunicated through a two doors excluse in the bottom

    a series of very well floating balls is made go through the excluse to first go up by buoyancy and second go down with gravity and then again through the excluse to repeat the process

    Any help of what materials could i use to test this idea?
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    You'll need a magic water bucket with a "special" force field that doesn't let water out the hole, but lets the balls into the water.

    I happen to have one, that I'll sell you for a mere $2000.00.
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    Chi Meson

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    I just happen to have some spare excluse I just put on Ebay. Cheap at $300 a quart.
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