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What math do i need?

  1. Mar 8, 2008 #1
    yeah i know its a broad question. its been a few years since ive really done any "real" math and im looking to pursue a degree in engineering in the next year or two. I've always loved math but im a little rusty at the moment. I've looked at several degrees that all generally seem to cover,

    calc 1
    calc 2
    linear algebra
    matrix theory

    i tried to move on to calc 1 but ive forgotten a lot or just didnt learn certain things making it hard for me to understand everything. I have access to about 200 math books ranging from basic algebra to books with titles i cant even begin to understand. I want to go back and review stuff but im really not sure what to look for. almost every book i open has things it expects me to already know. can someone point me in the right direction? thanks.
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    To be really good at calculus, which you will need for engineering, you need to be excellent at Algebra and you need an very good foundation in Trigonometry.

    After that, you can move on to Calc 1, Calc 2 (and Calc 3 if your program of study requires it). Algebra and Trig is the foundation for Calculus, and Calc is the foundation for so many things that it is hard to list.

    That's my advice at least.
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    thanks for the advice,

    im pretty proficient in trig so thats music to my ears. ive got 3 more algebra textbooks ive been going through in my free time. hoping to move onto calc within the next month or so. thanks again
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