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What math for landau's books?

  1. Jan 8, 2008 #1
    what math do i need to know to be able to study from landau's course on theoretical physics? an answer that covers all 9 or 10 books would be nice but this semester specifically i would like to study from the mechanics and statistical mechanics books? i know one thing i need for the mechanics book is calculus of variations so it would be nice if you someone could point to a good book on that
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    To study the series you should know at least PDE, complex variables, linear algebra, and calculus of variations. However, you don't need to master calculus of variations to undertake the study of that book, just touch upon basic concepts.
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    for stat mech it might be good to know some counting tricks for counting states. Like how to count the number of different ways to distribute N identical balls between G different baskets. But, most of the math in stat mech is not too bad, probably the trickiest stuff is remembering properties of Jacobians.
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