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What math for this textbook?

  1. Jan 2, 2015 #1
    Ok, I have a book that I want to study. It's called university physics with modern physics 13th edition. For me to understand everything in this book, what math do I need?. I don't want to start studying and not know the necessary math later down the line.

    Here is a list if math I can think of(For reference). Please tell me the math I need to be able to understand stuff on the textbook.

    Cal 3
    lineal Alg
    Diffeq I
    Diffeq II
    Real analysis I
    Real analysis II
    Probability &Statistics
    Vector Calc
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    All you really need for that back is algebra, trig, calc I and calc II. A basic knowledge of differential equations would be helpful for some of it. A bit of both vector calculus and linear algebra are helpful too.

    For the large majority of the book though, all you'll really need is algebra and trig, with basic properties of differentiating and integrating.
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