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What Math Is Useful

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    As a chemical engineering major, how far into math should I go. We are required to do calc 1-3 and elementary differential equations. But upon speaking to my professor I was told that I might find more differential equations classes, linear algebra and possibly some analysis class to be useful. What is the opinion of those people who are already engineers or who simply know. How far into math should I go?

    Just as a point I have no aversion to math and am not trying to find a cutoff where math is useless because all math I am sure is somewhat useful, but what math courses would I find to be immensely useful.
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    My guess is your professor knows best. :) I mean, he had to do it, so he has 1st hand experience.

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    as a general rule, math you understand is more useful than math you didn't learn.
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    My professor is a math PhD though not an engineer so I was hoping some engineers might have some information.
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    depands on what job u want.
    although i am in high school, but i still can see how useful linear algebra can be in chemistry. About D.E, if you are not struggling in math, you should take it. D.E is invented for science field. I believe you know how useful D.E can be when you dual with related rate in chemistry.

    and as mathwonk said, you will always regret for what you didnt learn later.
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