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What mechanism does it make hair dye product works on hair?

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    I want to know what mechanism does it make hair dye product works on hair? Does it work only by coating on the hair surface or any special alteration of the bonding in hair?

    and beside I want to ask there are products on the market such as "hot rod" which by means of electricity turn into heat and then make the hair wavy and then after washing the hair, it returns to normal, what mechnaism does this work? I know perming product change the waviness of hair by means of chnaging the bonding of the hair permanently, but just don't understand this.
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    I would not be surprised if one of the biology people decided to talk about the polymeric nature of hair, and the physical chemistry involved in curling. It is the technical explanation of the mundane that is the heart of inspiration.

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    Well, about the waving: hair is very flexible when wet, it is fragile and is stretched. When you role it on something, it will shrink back into place when drying and retain that shape.

    The chemical waves are produced by breaking the sulfer bonds -S- in the hair by reducing agents, after which the bonds are made again by an oxidizing agent while the hair is curled up. Those are covalent bonds, so the curls will be permanent.

    Hair dye products.. good question: not sure :)
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    For some reason, I knew Monique would have an answer for this.

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