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What med good for eyes

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    I want to no what med there is good for eyes ?

    sincely ur o:)
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    I really hate giving links on stuff like this, but this might be worth a look. Be skeptical, and ask your physician before forming any opinions. At least it doesn't look harmful.
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    Chronos, I took a look at the site, and was skeptical as soon as I saw it was a homeopathy site. However, as I look through what's included in it, they aren't recommending treatments or cures (which do become dangerous if they aren't doing anything and disease progresses causing more damage before you get proper treatment), just suggestions for prevention. The prevention suggestions are fairly reasonable, addressing things like diet and smoking and other things that involve maintaining your general health. It doesn't mean you still won't get one of those eye diseases, but it addresses some of the major risk factors.

    I hadn't bothered to answer the original post because it was far too vague. Without specifying a specific problem, and because I avoid giving out advice that may seem too much like medical opinion, which I'm not qualified to give, and nobody is qualified to give without seeing a patient, I wouldn't even know where to start.
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