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Medical What medicine

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    Headach nedds what medicine ? What med to drink to forget something ?
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    Treating headache depends on the cause of the headache, as there can be many reasons one experiences headaches. As a handful of examples to illustrate the point:
    1) fatigue - when one is overly tired, headaches may occur. Sleep is the best medicine.
    2) low blood sugar/hunger - some people experience headaches when they have waited too long between meals and blood sugar becomes too low. Eating is the best medicine.
    3) high blood pressure - treat the high blood pressure.
    4) stress/tension - relax
    5) sinus problems

    Anyway, the headache itself doesn't require medicine so much as the underlying cause. Of course, sometimes treating the symptom helps someone to continue functioning, and there are a variety of over the counter analgesics available. However, if you get frequent headaches, you should see a physician to ensure there isn't a more serious underlying cause that should be treated.
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