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What, no farts?

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    Have these scientists got nothing better to do than to try and reduce one of the best side effects of these fruits?
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    But, its the musical fruit. Have they gone mad?
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    What about the unicorns?
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    They're fermenting the beans?! What were those grad students up to when the boss wasn't looking? "Oh, no, we weren't trying to make alcohol, we were just, er, um, uh, making fartless beans, yeah, that's it!" :rofl:

    Of course, the article leaves out an important detail...do fart-free beans taste the same as full-fart beans?
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    I, for one, cannot wait to see this phrase emblazoned on competing brands of old-fashioned beans in the supermarket.

    - Warren
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    Will there be designer beans intended to produce maximum gas volumes and noise, and some that produce SBD farts perfect for elevator ambushes? :yuck:
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    This thread is distasteful!
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    Well it aint tasty.
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