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What o' what shall I do ?

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    Hi I'll be freshman starting on the 21st of August, at our local univeristy. MSSU Missouri. I have not declared a major yet. IM interested in both biology and physics. I would rather major in physics, but people tell me that it is hard to find employment after your bachelors or further education compared to biology. So I was thinking about majoring in biology and take my chances , but I know I'll regret it since I love physics so much more. Please any help ?:confused:

    OK enough of that , ofcourse if I go into physics , I have the first 4 years of school to learn about it and of course Im sure I will be presented various employment opportunities there will be. I still look forward to getting a higher education after receiving my Bachelors of Science(Physics). I figure by then I would at least need good employment to help my family and I to survive.

    I know I can only make up my own mind , but talk me into majoring in physics(lol)


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    Well if physics is what you really love then do physics, especially since you're saying that you'll regret it if you do biology since you love physics so much more.
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    At least in terms of immediate employment, biology majors tend to make less than physics majors.
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    Median in 2004 for biologists was $68,950. Median for physicists was $87,450. Of course, there were 77,000 biologists employed in the US in and 16,000 physicists.
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    I know what I need to do, just asking for someone to shove me over the bridge! I think I should ignore the numbers really because then I might make a mistake and not do what I love

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    Physicists work as engineers

    Many phyiscists work as engineers or programmers. There is plenty of work, especially in the defense industry. I wouldn't worry about it. If you like physics best, study physics. You are going to be most successful in the field you are most interested.
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