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News What? Obama Actually talk about the Middle East with Arabs?

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    What about protecting the American Two-Partisan System? If we achieve peace, what will we do with ourselves? Who will we conjure up to direct our hate towards?
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    How dare he be palin around with terrorists!
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    I was working as a training consultant for a pulp mill in Luke MD, and commented to a young engineer about some of the "political" talk I had heard among the crew in the powerhouse. He grinned and told me about a power-boiler operator who was reading the paper some time back and who was railing against Lesbian Tourists. The mill is situated near a pretty nice stretch of kayaking white-water and they get their share of outsiders, but anyway the engineer asked why he was so upset and it turned out that Lebanese Terrorists were hot items in the news.
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    Our terrorists are their freedom fighters. It is silly not to talk with someone because of some label we put on them.
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    I'm sure the American colonists fighting the British regulars and their mercenaries were accused of worse because instead of lining up in rows and firing volleys at one another, they would resort to sheltering behind trees and stone walls. Dirty tactics! Fight fair!
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    Dirty tactics! Fight fair!
    you mean there are rules?

    talk, listen, learn.
    I like the idea.
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    Please, there is a world of difference between shooting from behind a tree and shooting from behind the skirts of women.

    Edit: bah, can't get the image right. Go to image 10 in the gallery.

    http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/opinion/columnists/orl-summers-cartgallery,0,5845995.photogallery [Broken]

    To pretend otherwise is ludicrous.
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    The French resistance blew the hell out of Germans and civilians, they also sheltered amongst civilians as did the Partisans. It's actually a matter of perspective, although I'll give you running into a café with the express intention of blowing up civilians is definitely a faux pas in all the acknowledged, terror circles. I believe you can lose your membership to the Guerillatarians and your free subscription to what explosives monthly.
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