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What pattern size in double slit experiment?

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    What roughly pattern size was used in this ( http://www.hitachi.com/rd/research/em/doubleslit.html ) 1989 year electron double slit experiment? Or in other words how much times magnified this pattern shown in this video http://www.hqrd.hitachi.co.jp/rd/moviee/doubleslite-n.wmv [Broken] ?
    Maybe 100 nm wide and 100 nm height? But isn't such microscops even exist at that time or such devices or whatever? For example 1.3 MegaPixel (1280*1024) webcam have matrix of about 4 mm * 3 mm, but here actualy 3.9 Megapixels if count colours, so then 3840*3072 and we get 4/3840=0.001=1042 nm, 3/3072=0.00098 mm =977 nm. So in curent webcams one pixel is about 1 micrometer^2. And as far as I sow, all more megapixels cams have and bigger matricies, which area proportional to number of pixels. So if in double slit experiment was used some kind matrix (for registration electrons), it pixel I bet wasn't smaller than 1 um * 1 um of size.
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