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Studying What physics branches I need to solve the entropy and second law of thermodynamics problem ?

  1. Aug 22, 2016 #1
    Whats the physics and maybe math knowledge I need to solve this problem ? Do I need classical physics , thermodynamics ? What else ? What's the physics branches and sub branches I need to know before I can solve this problem ?
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    Everything you need is in the recollections of an elderly gentleman. Coincidentally he wrote them down just today.
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    It depends on the problem. Most probably thermodynamics or statistical physics (I would classify classical thermodynamics as a subset of stat. phys.). Maybe quantum mechanics, depending on the system.

    The level of the question is also important. Basic thermo or stat. phys. deal mostly with equilibrium. In some cases, non-equilibrium thermo or stat. phys. is necessary.
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    The problem is that the second law of thermodynamics is the only law in physics that don't fit well with entropy . Search it , the problem is one and famous .
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    That's not my question . I am asking about the problem that the 2nd law is the only law that doesn't fit with entropy . Your answear was about how to calculate the entropy of a system
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    Ricky, the 2nd law certainly does fit with entropy.

    What you need to do is to finish 11th grade, finish high school, finish college and finish grad school and then you will have started to have collected the tools you need to solve these kinds of problems.
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