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In summary, the conversation is about using software for creating 3D designs, specifically mentioning the free software Sketchup and its usefulness for woodworking and other design projects. A link to a tutorial for learning Sketchup is also provided. One person mentions using an illegal version of Solidworks instead.
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I have made a sketch on paper of my machine, but I want to draw it specifically in 3d, with places for wires to go and such details. If air resistance could be calculated that'd be great too.

So what good software on windows 7 are there for this?

For a start a free software would be nice,

-Thanks in advance.
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phinds said:

woop woop ! I just tried it and it's beyond my expectations for a free program, I'll definately be moving over too the computer from paper and pen !
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@phinds: woop woop, too!

I've just provided the link in Portuguese for this remarkable FREE resource to our local High School students here in the state of Tocantins, Brasil. Members of the faculty are already buzzing about how each one can utilize this cool tool! Thanks a lot for the link.

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Yeah, it's a neat program. I do woodworking and I find it invaluable for laying out designs and making sure I know how the joints are going to work. Being able to see them in 3D and rotate them all around is really helpful.
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Bobbywhy said:
Here is a tutorial to help learn how to use Sketchup:


Thanks mate! but I've already moved over to the illegal version of solidworks :D

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