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What projects should i be a part of?

  1. Feb 3, 2009 #1
    I am a 2nd year engineering undergradute student of Manufacturing Process and Automation Engineering in India.
    As of now I am working on a project under a professor (nothing big but it's a start), learning a little basic French and I am part of publication team for a NGO (Non Government Organisation). I also have a tentative internship for the summers.
    I just got selected to be a part of the college team for FSAE Japan. But being a part of this team would force me to quit some of my other prior commitments and/or adversely affect my academic performance.
    The positive aspect of being a part of this team is that it would provide me with international exposure.
    I would like to pursue MS in the US (preferably).
    So is joining the FSAE Japan team worth it?

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