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What research?

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    uhhhh... What research?!?!

    Alright, so I've noticed some people have done research at "some" place.

    I'd like to know where is it that those students go. Is it like summer programs at NASA, etc.?
    I'd seriously like to get involved in one.

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    Many universities in the USA have summer REU (Research Experience for Undergraduate) programs, funded by the National Science Foundation. They pay a stipend and I think they provide on-campus housing if you need it. My department gets flyers for at least a couple dozen of these every year, from all over the country.

    However, the application deadlines for most of these have probably passed by now. There might be some that have deadlines at the end of March. Google for "REU" and you'll probably turn up some leads.

    Aha... here's where you can search for REU sites.
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    just about every physics department in the US and Canada I've seen has a sizable bulletin board stuffed full of posters and ads for places with summer research positions and programs for undergrads. Find the one in your department and check them out. Or check with your the physics department advisor. They'll usually have info on a bunch of programs too.
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    He's in high school, so those don't apply.
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