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What school for studies in quantum measurement + entanglement?

Hello, another graduate school advising situation.

Well, like everyone else (almost), i am interested in possibility of TOK and the like;
however, since I am more of a humian empiricist I typically become bitterly skeptical of String-theory and Branes and such. Since in my opinion those theories seem more hopelessly metaphysical than realphysical. I know I could be completely ignorant (which a large part I am) but I am more inspired by the writings of J.S. Bell, de Broglie, Bohm, and others.

I want to continue my studies and begin my theoretical research in very strict formalized quantum mechanics and study problems about the boundary of quantum and macroscopic world. I'm interested in study of entanglement, instantaneous wave function collapsing, and questions of completeness in quantum theory. Hence, my interests are foundational, but I am not comfortable with turns physics has taken.

I'm only in my 4th semester, I hope to graduate in 7. I am already taking advanced classical mechanics and quantum mechanics, and next year i will probably take real analysis, maybe abstract algebra, statistical dynamics and thermo, and intermediate E&M. GPA wise im not please with myself, since i have the tendency to peak one semester and do mediocre the next. So lets say i wont be much higher than a 3.8 at best at the end of my schooling (I made a lot of mistakes early on like loading up on too many classes, and I did not learn how to study in high school so i suffered GPA wise) to a 3.5 to my worst. Right now I am in limbo because its hard to tell whether I will get an A or a C in classical mechanics, contingent on whether or not i choke like i did at first. But to my advantage i should be able to finish early and complete an honors project in my 7th semester and graduate with an honorary degree.

So now for the obligatory restatement of the question, given my situation and goals what school or to be more specific under whom do i pursue to study?

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