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What shampoo do you use?

  1. Sep 26, 2008 #1
    I know this is a stupid random question. Sorry for that. But here's why I ask it: I go to the drugstore to buy shampoo. I go to the shampoo aisle. There are at least 40 different types of shampoo. Normally I just pick up Head and Shoulders but this time the sheer number of shampoo types shocked me. So, I stopped to think: why do I always pick up the same Head and Shoulders brand? I couldn't think of a reason other than mere "tradition". In fact a realized I had no idea what the difference between one shampoo brand to the next was. Sure all the different brands have their uniquely colored bottle and their unique advertisement claims about how fresh and clean and dandruff-free your hair will be, but who knows what the truth content of these claims are?

    So, I went home and tried to find a third party analysis of shampoo on the internet. As hard as I searched, I I couldn't find one. This really frustrated me because I hate to make random consumer decisions. I've noticed that a similar phenomenon occurs a lot when I go shopping recently, so let me ask the following question.

    How do you make selections amidst the sea of consumer products? How do you choose a product when there are many different brands competing for your attention and some of them may be better or safer or more effective than others but its hard to tell from the package when your not an expert in the study of that product?
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    You just pick up Head and Shoulders? Last time I looked, there were about five different kinds of Head and Shoulders. I stood there just scratching my head trying to decide. :uhh:

    I think I'm going to exempt myself and most other females from this discussion. The guys can probably tell you how they pick A shampoo. I think I have 4 different shampoos in my shower at the moment. One is for regular shampooing, one is gentler if I have to wash my hair more than once a day (working in the anatomy labs has that effect...it has occurred to me that I haven't ever held a non-stinky job since graduating college), another is pretty smelling, and another is better for the frizzy days. Oh, and then there are the conditioners. :uhh:

    Like I said, you probably don't want my answer. :rofl:
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    oh gawd. sometimes you can just be too clever.

    All I know about shampoo is whatever one I bought is exactly the wrong kind as far as my girlfriend was concerned.
    Personally I could use a bar of soap and be fine. I probably couldn't tell a good shampoo from a bad shampoo from a bubble bath. That's why I went with Tresemme natural shampoo for all hair types. The only reason I picked this one is because it has a pump and holds a lot of shampoo. I don't have to pick it up, or open and close the lid. The bottle means more to me than what it holds.
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    Well, after a lot of personal misery: T-gel 2 in 1--cause I'd have dandruff (again) without it.

    I've tried everything else. It doesn't go away. But the T-gel (not the coal tar formula mind you) 2 in 1 keeps me non-itchy.
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    Guys do need to be careful when picking out a shampoo, otherwise we end up smelling like citrus, avocado, or some kind of tropical fruit.:biggrin:

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    I use Suave: Daily Clarifying. It has a suitably chemical smell to it. ;-p
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    That's what I have been using, and then for conditioner...I use Garnier Fructis :biggrin:
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    I end up using whatever my daughter tries and doesn't like :grumpy: .
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    What is conditioner? is it really necessary? All I know is when I accidentally grab the conditioner in the shower it doesn't lather so I've wasted precious time and have to start over.
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    Most guys really don't need conditioner. It's more used if you have long hair to detangle it, or if you have dry hair. That is even an even more touchy subject with us females.:biggrin:
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    Well I've never had REALLY short hair...so I don't know if a short haired person would need it. But if you have long hair, yeah, it really is necessary. It keeps the strands from tangling. Long hair can form a tangle like rat's nest in no time.
  13. Sep 26, 2008 #12
    I also fall into the long hair/stinky job category. I have a basket of shampoos for different needs. I think my all time favorite is a organic peppermint shampoo, and a rinse with rain water.
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    It helps to use it every now and again if you have short hair and it tends to get dry and frizzy. I could almost go without hair gel after I use conditioner. I wish it worked better.
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    If you use head and shoulders, stick to it. It's good because it prevents dandruff, and it works. If I use other shampoos my scalp becomes dry. This stuff works perfectly.

    If you want to have orgasms in the shower, I recommend herbal essence.
  16. Sep 26, 2008 #15
    Do I even want to know about the last sentence there Cyrus?...
  17. Sep 27, 2008 #16
    You don't need that stuff for your hair. You can use Dove, Joy, Pamlolive--any dishwashing detergent sold in the family size will do. If you're so inclined, you can roll your own ten year supply from a 5 gallon bucket of STP. Did I mention that I've invented the rewindable dental floss? I could post a picture of the prototype.
  18. Sep 27, 2008 #17
    sounds like a rip off of my rewindable toilet paper.
  19. Sep 27, 2008 #18
    Ha ha...is that something like those cloth towels that roll out and then get rolled back up all in one machine they have in some public bathrooms?
  20. Sep 27, 2008 #19
    I dont know, do you?
  21. Sep 27, 2008 #20
    get a room you two. geez.
  22. Sep 27, 2008 #21
    Get a shower curtain.
  23. Sep 27, 2008 #22
    funny you should mention that. I came up with a solution, I bought a mop.
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    Ooh, sounds nice! Bath & Body Works has a menthol and peppermint type handwashing soap that is GREAT at getting off the stink. On really bad days, I do a pre-wash with that (I use it from head to toe on those days...just DON'T get it anywhere near your eyes! :cry:), then use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I think the thing I use is organic, but I don't care. It's expensive, but since it is the only thing that really works, it's worth it. Dish detergent cuts through the grease and oils to get rid of the stink too, but that is far too harsh for my hair or all-over bathing.

    I think I have the one with pink stripes on the bottle. It's really good.


    :biggrin: I was about half a keystroke away from suggesting that to you. :rofl:
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    I use Scent-A-Way liquid soap (fragrance-free, and made for hunters). It works great.
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    So, I guess no one knows of a third party website where there is a systematic evaluation of shampoos in terms of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, safety, whatever. Maybe, I should start a shampoo-evaluation business... I don't know why someone hasn't done that already since shampoo is such a common artifact in life in the Western world. It wold be nice if you didn't have to learn what works by trial and error...

    Next (stupid silly) question which I am asking for the same reason. Do you use soap or body wash or perhaps something else? What brand do you buy?
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