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What shape is this?

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    I built this paper lamp and am trying to figure out what shape it would be classified as (dodecahedron, etc.). I've attached a picture of the shape, thanks for your help.

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    Making this requires insane 3d visualization. How did you do it?
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    I just figured it out as I went, orginaly I wanted to make a dodecahedron but it wasn't going to be big enough for what I wanted [putting an LED light inside of it et cetera..]. Each pentagonal pyramid is 6 sheets of paper that I folded into sort of interlocking triangles.
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    That's a cool looking figure.
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    But what would it be called?
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    Are the edges where the faces are glued together part of the figure?

    If not then the platonic solid consisting of 12 faces, each a pentagon, is, in fact, a dodecahedron.
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