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What should I be learning?

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    I'm in grade 9 , we just started parabola's and quadratic equations.
    I'm able to do quadratic equations no problem, I did do some parabola's a while ago so it would be practically revision. I did start Trigonometry in my own time I just finished the sin line.. should I still continue ? (We haven't started trig yet).
    After finishing what ever when can I start calculus ?

    Also with physics, I've done physics of motion up to projectiles flying through the air (briefly know it since I learnt from khan academy), and waves (strong).

    What should I start doing in physics and maths, I really like to expand my knowledge.. thanks!
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    Yes, you should continue. Not only will it be useful for physics, it will also be useful for finishing school mathematics.

    Start with a non-calculus based physics book (Cutnell and Johnson's Physics springs to mind) if you want to dive into some physics in the mean time.

    Once you have algebra and trigonometry done (also geometry) and feel confident with them, maybe look at a precalculus book. From there hop onto calculus.

    Take what I say as a rough guide. More experienced people on this forum might have a better approach :)

    Have fun and good luck Cbray!
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    Personally, I wouldn't focus too much on it. You're in grade 9. Enjoy your freedom. Focus on the school work you are doing now. This is the part of your life where some of the most fundamental ideas and concepts are presented to you.
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    High school is boring. If you can afford them I suggest the Art of Problem Solving Series.
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    Calculus and everything after that is quite advanced material and is quite difficult. Also it needs almost all the math that you learn in school. So I would wait until grade 11 to learn calculus. For now you can look at anything before that, for example, analytic geometry (graphs, tangents, etc), trigonometry, simultaneous equations, logarithms, or anything else like that. And get good at word problems of all types, most people struggle with that.
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    NRICH is a great website for problem-solving. nrich.maths.org

    I also don't necessarily think you need to learn all of trigonometry or all of 'precalculus' to start learning calculus. They are essential in calculus at some point, but you can still learn the basics.
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