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What should I do? group mates do not want to work.

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    I am working on an class project with 3 other people, I only know one of them. I have no problem working with strangers, as long as they have good work ethics. The problem is, the other 2 seems to reluctant to come to meetings. I am beginning to think they just want my friend and I to do the work. So I plan to split from them and just do the project with my friend. What should I say to them without sounding like an a*hole douche?
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    Hi guys. Look, we're just going to do this ourselves. Why? Well, we don't feel you guys have your heart in it.

    No matter what you say or do, they will call you an a*hole douche. All that will do is confirm what you know already: they were and are a bad investment of your time.
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    Was it teacher assigned groups? Or hand picked. If teacher assigned tell the teacher/prof. If they are a human and not a cyborg, they will understand and either kick them off your group, or give them bad marks after telling them to start helping out (personal experience).

    If hand picked. Dave nailed that like a something doing other.
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    1. Are you having too high expectations?
    2. You would rarely find people who are willing to do work
    3. Different people have different working styles, some work on last day. In the end, they can also pull up that quality work that you could produce

    It sucks, I can only advice to get used to it :D
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    I had a somewhat similar experience, the group I was assigned to was pretty much composed of people that didn't want to work, so when my friends in another group had an extra opening I jumped ship. The group I left ended up failing because more than half didn't show up for the final presentation.

    Like Dave said, no matter what these people are going to think you're a douche so just be very straightforward and don’t try to sugar coat anything or they will try and guilt trip you into staying.
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    I agree with Dave.
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