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What should I do to prepare for IB?

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    I have been accepted in the IB program (I will be entering freshman year next year). I am aware we have a multitude of IB or AP students here so I have come to seek advice about what I should do to prepare for the classes that are offered. I have heard they are of immense difficulty, and are accopanied with several loads of homework. Also, I have learned that the grading is very strict.
    I must confess I am a little nervous about it. I am sure I will have fun (because I like to study) but I am also sure I will need to improve my abilities in many fields I am sure.
    To conclude, I want to ask for your admonishment concerning the fields I should study to be well prepared. Should I focus my studies to logistics, mathematics and the sciences?

    Thank you.
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    Do the work. Go to class. Think, because its against the county policy.
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    Well, normally I'd give you my generic stock advice - switch to AP - (I'm slightly biased), but since leaving my high school I've come to find out that IB is actually supposed to be a good program and it just happened that at my school it was essentially a joke. That said, good luck.
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    IB is no joke. Most who have taken both the AP tests and the IB tests say Ib is harder. The only problem with IB is that it is not recognized as much like AP is.

    Good Luck.
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