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What should i do?

  1. Nov 6, 2009 #1
    I am a student in a university in Argentina, here the time need to get a "Licenciatura"(I think is the equivalent to a master in Europe-not sure about the equivalent in USA ) is 5 years. At the moment I am in the E.E program but the next year I want to start the "Licenciatura" in physics doing both it would take me 6 years at least I hope so.
    So, the questions are:
    Should I start with the physics degree or should continue with just E.E?
    Would getting into graduate program being like 24 years be a problem while applying to Universities in USA or Europe( after learning more English I`m planning to get into a graduate program there, at least i hope so)?

    I appreciate any opinion, especial of those who are or were in a similar situation.

    (sorry if I did many mistakes in my writing)
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    i dont know if that knowledge will be helpful, but a lot of universities allow to aplly graduate studies after obtaining bachelor equivalent.
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    I have a friend who came to do her PhD in the US from Argentina (Mar del Plata). She had the 5-year degree, and it was not accepted as a masters degree by the (not highly ranked) program she attended here - she had to take the masters courses again. But she did very well in them, at least. So you'd probably be accepted at the masters level (and have to do the masters again even for a PhD program) but you can probably finish it faster than most students because you'll have seen a lot of the material before. Entering at 24 isn't a problem at all. You'll still be younger than many students.
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