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What should i do?

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    I am currently 2nd year (3th in September )in secondary school for law and economy.I have 16 years. I picked it because my parents wanted me to do it but don't find myself in it. I really like physics and astronomy. In our school we don't have chemistry, physics, biology and things like that. but i am learning online watching documentary (The Universe from history channel, Cassiopeia project, Wonders of the solar system, Standford University videos about physics and quantum and relativistic physics, khan academy and Wikipedia) because they aren't shown on our channels (i am from Macedonia btw). So here there isn't a high school for astronomy only for math and natural science. So the question is should i change school in 3th year to normal secondary school (my parents said ok) and to hope that I'll somehow go to USA to study physics, because i really want to. In our state the only thing you can do with ph.d is teach in schools (primary and secondary) and i like more like to do research and things.
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    I don't completely understand your situation, but if you really don't think you will be happy with a career in law/economics then I guess you should take the adjusted career path.

    Be warned though, it is very hard to study in the U.S. and future careers in physics (academia) are very hard to get.

    If it doesn't work out, remember you can always keep physics as a hobby.

    Good luck.
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