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What should I learn?

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    I want to start learning a general purpose programming language with which you can make gui's and be able to do all sorts of things practically.
    I'm 18 now and started programming on my 14th with simple html. Now I work as a php programmer in a company in the Netherlands and I somewhat mastered php. For the rest I can program js, html and visualbasic. VB is a good basic language but very limited.

    I consider learning C++ but is this a wise choise(keeping in mind I know php/js/vb)?

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    Sorry no one ha answered yet.

    C++ is a great language if you are not a total beginner. I moved from Basic to C a year or two ago for my general amateur programming and have never gone back. C is the industry standard for applications of all sorts because it is powerful and portable.

    However, don't expect it to be easy to learn. You have probably read that C is a "programmers' language." That is absolutely true, it was designed by programmers for programmers. Its use of symbols rather that English-like words and complex grammar may be frustrating at first.

    I recommend that you find a good book like Herbert Shildt's "C++: The Complete Reference" and try it. Do not focus on the ++ in C++ at first. Learn how the straight C stuff works and add OOP later.

    I use Borland's "free command line tools" compiler and it works fine.

    Do not expect to be writing GUI apps right away. If you do it the usual way and don't cheat by using simple libraries for beginners you will need to also learn the Win32 API.
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