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What should i learn?

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    Hi, I'm Jadaav and I'm only 14 years and I wanted to know which topic I need to learn first and so on about the creation of the universe.

    I only know that the the universe was created by the big bang and inflation followed and then the universe is continuously expanding due to dark matter which scientist have suggested. I saw these on a documentary. I only know these in brief I don't know very much of them, so I wanted to learn each of them. What do i need to learn?

    Answer please.

    I'm totally confused.

    It's my first start.
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    My advice is to wait and learn these things in education- just like you wouldn't learn the guitar by yourself because you'll pick up bad habits (eg. "the universe was created by the big bang" is not technically correct).

    While I admire your enthusiasm, there is no rush, and I've always found I forget something faster if I've tried to learn it before I am taught it by a teacher. Just my advice.
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    @ MikeyW I forget faster when someone teach me something like the teacher, but if I learn something by myself I won't forget it:D

    Vincentm Thanks for the book but the thing is that in my country we can't buy from amazon. I tried once but I couldn't:(

    Can i get the book without buying cause it will create many problems for buying it at amazon and other stores?
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    You should learn eveything, and base your own theorys off what others have done, thats the beauty of science, the greatest questions, at this point, are only answered in theory, so read, read, about everything and decided for yourself if you think it makes sense
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    you can search for this book in this site

    www.abebooks.com ,

    i bought two books there and it quite an interesting webpage.

    About the creation of the universe, hmm i dont know any book, but I would recomend you THe Universe in a Nutshell, by stephen hawking . I think the first time I tried to read it I was 15. It is really nice you could try it =)
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    Have a look in the science books portion of the forum and pick out some popular science books! Also go to your local book shop and have a browse through popular science. I started reading such material when I was around your age - some of it won't make sense but generally these books are accessible overall.

    I remember Time Travel In Einstein's Universe by Richard J Gott as being a favourite of mine at the time - it isn't about the 'beginning' of the universe but is about similarly magical topics.
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    I did that and found no book like that or related to it.:(

    Can this book be read online?
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    I'm afraid not. For news, you could look at the websites of some mainstream publications such as Scientific American, Astronomy Now, New Scientist etc. You will find some interesting articles that are partially accessible on these websites.

    For books, perhaps you could look at Amazon or something and ask someone you know to order a book or two for you?
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    yeah, i'll check the websites and see if someone can order the books for me.
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