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What Should I Major In

  1. Nov 13, 2008 #1
    Currently I am majoring in the field of Chemical Engineering. While I do adore the applications and large spectrum of possibilities within this field, as of now, a sophmore, I feel like it is just a drag. While I do love a challenge, in which this field most surely is, I don't know if I'm positive anymore if it is for me.

    My choice of what I am now currently interested in and nearly obsessing over, is physics. For the longest time I have been interested in theoretical physics. I love the idea of solving the biggest questions be asked and discovering never before known things. It is amazing so I believe.

    I know physics is simply applied mathematics and engineering is applied physics.
    I would just like to know to opinion of other people that may have switched majors and possibly any guidance they can offer.
    *I have contacted the adviser for my physics department, but I still have to set up a meeting.
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