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What should I minor in?

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    Hey all,

    As the title suggests, I'm seriously considering taking a minor for my degree and am curious what it should be. I'm currently in second year Mechanical Engineering specializing in Mechatronics. I'm also taking co-op. I find that most engineers who take a minor do it in Commerce - and I want to be more original.

    I am considering an English minor instead as I (currently) believe that it would be most beneficial - especially since I'm planning on doing an MBA later down the road so I think Commerce may be redundant.

    Do you think this would help me later down the road, or would you suggest a different minor. There are math, physics, commerce or arts available here at UBC. What is industry looking for?

    Any opinions are much appreciated. Thanks

    Quick edit: I guess I should have said that I wish to go into more managerial positions.
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    I've been told by a significant number of employers that minors do not have much of an effect on consideration for employment. Minor in something that interests you.
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