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What should I take?

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    Right now I'm a freshman in high school, and we were just given the boxes to fill out for the courses for next year, so I made a list off all the courses they had I would want to take, and then filled it out over the next 3 years, and I came into a few problems.

    I'm in AlgII this year, so I will finish calculus junior year, so then I have no math senior year. I don't think my school has any courses after this, but maybe independent studies. What math should I take after this if I can choose any, and I suppose I will see about independent studies.

    I could take physics next year and then AP physics junior year, so senior year I would have no science classes (already would have done Chem AP and Bio AP, Psy AP, Anatomy), so what sort of classes would be next on the list if I were to take one (or 5 =]).

    Repeat the problem with History and economics.

    Although I could push up the physics up a year, if I didn't could I take something?

    My schedual

    Eng I
    Alg II
    Bio I
    PE I
    World Geo
    Chem I
    Span II

    Eng II
    Adv. Maths
    Civics ------------------------------------ Free Enterprise AP
    Chem AP
    PE II --------------------------------------- American Gov AP
    anatomy and Physiology
    World History

    Eng III
    Cal AB ------------------------ Calc BC
    Bio II AP
    American History AP
    European History AP
    Psy AP

    Eng IV
    Physics AP
    Health I --------------------- Blank

    So I could bump physics down a year and history up, but I want to know if I can take the sciences and maths and histories even further. I don't particularly want to take a year of 5 courses of basket weaving, although a few look interesting.
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    Look into dual enrollment at a local college. I did that for calc III and differential equations my senior year and it was totally free (except for the 40 minute drives through rush hour in a heavily populated area!) Unless you're pretty sure of your math abilities, consider keeping Calc AB. Only 2 people out of 8 or so actually stuck with calc BC after not taking AB at my high school.
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    Ok, I'll look into that, I don't quite have to worry about it yet, just more wondering what I could do. I'm pretty sure I would stick with it though, because other wise alot of maths and science is incomprehensible to you.
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    does your school offer any computer science courses those are beneficial especially if they are programing based. Learning to program is a great skill. If they teach you Java you can consider taking the AP Computer test they offer an A and AB the latter being harder.
    Also if you finish Calc I jr year then Senior year you could consider sitting the AP Physics C Mechanics exam. (Note you do not have to enroll in an AP class to take the exam. If you are confident in you math skills and have taken reg. Physics and are in AP Physics then you may be well off for the Mechanics C exam. However this is a lot to study for. Though AP Physics B will overlap with Mechanics C partially, it will be a heavy load to study for.
    You can try for dual enrollment though not all school's offer that option.

    It looks like you will be well to do with what you have already. You may consider taking it easy Senior year, maybe getting a job or just taking time to read or do self study in topics. You could get a good Calc book like Spivak, Courant, or Apostol and try and work through it.
    Assuming you do well on your exams and get some credit for it, it looks like you will have credit for Chemistry, Biology, Government, Economics (is that Free Enterprise?), History, and Calculus.
    This gives you a lot of options as far as electives in college as many of your general courses or humanities will be taken care of.
    This will allow you to take more of what you want, or for instance pick up a double major with ease, or better yet STUDY ABROAD. I'd recommend taking foreign language or even 2 or 3. That is a great skill to have and I notice it is missing from your high school curriculum
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