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What software can I use for drawing Logic gates?

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    What software can I use for drawing Logic gates? I am just too lazy to draw it by mouse and also drawing gates with different shape isnt elegant. So, I want a simple software that can draw Logic gates, And, OR, gates etc...
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    Well if you are too lazy then I guess you will have to pay the price. Why should anybody solve your problem ????????
    There a thousand and one ways of doing this -- but you will either have pay $ or put in the effort.
    Personally I use pspice which can not only draw them from a library of parts ( or generic) -- but could simulate it for you too. ( free student prgrm)
    But then you are limited to the way THEY draw them -- If I wish to just draw something but keep it as a library of drawings , then I use Corel Draw , since then I can draw anything , add text wherever I like , color as I like and so on -- but this takes a while to learn -- but then I am not lazy-- except saturdays .
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