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What software can monitor CPU and motherboard temperature ?

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    to prevent overheating.
    can it be free-download ?
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    What type of processor and motherboard do you have? Did you build your own computer or did you buy it from somewhere? If your motherboard supports cpu temperature readings, then you should just be able to go into the bios and see what the temperature is. You can even have the bios beep if the temperature gets to hot. I know my motherboard supports this. Especially if you bought your computer from someone, I wouldn't be too concerned about frying your processor, unless of course your trying to overclock it.

    Here is a link anyway that can check your motherboard stats. Again, it will only work if your motherboard supports it:

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    it is a notebook, sys M650 chipset,
    run with P4 2.4GHz.
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    Well, if it is a notebook, you really don't have anything to worry about. You should be more concerned about the battery blowing up.
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    not true, labtops get extreamly hot, and i suggest u use the infamous google to find the awenser to your problem, ill also look back through my pc worlds for the thingy on temp reading i found. Try searching for it at Pcworld.com as well.
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    Yes, just ask Apple Powerbook users. The 12-inch PB is infamous for getting extremely hot, to the point where your palms get extremely uncomfortable and even start to hurt or really heat up your lap. When it is on a bed, it gets really bad.

    I use an iBook, and there are many problems with the logic board screwing up.

    Apple is getting a lawsuit because of so many upset users.

    There are lots to worry about with a laptop because unlike a desktop, you can't slide open the case and take a look.
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    Bah, just install a liquid nitrogen cooling system in your laptop. That will solve all your current problems. Sure you might have some trouble storing the liquid nitrogen, but that is your problem.
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