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What sort of entities in dimensions?

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    Michio Kaku explained his vision about dimensions wrapped in Plank dimensions billions of times smaller than proton. Explains about Dali's and Picasso's artistic point of view. With all do respect I wrote a personal letter that I ignore if reached destiny or he ever read it but he is setting the things upside down. An entity from 4th dimension could see us like Picasso's deformation but what if he is thinking like Xenophanes mind? Was this philosopher right destroying the argument God is not antropomorphous? Yet I don't wanna start a philosophical discussion in the opposite sense of not confusing the reflection of the mirror with reality. Perhaps all depictions of hybrid creatures in universal legends demonstrate not a Freud's opinion of "archetypes" or symbols but humans are theo-morphus or dei-morphus, instead of putting the things backwards or upside down. Many interesting examples and designs in Kaku's books. Yet, we don't need to be physicist to portray a different and "convincing" reality. Let's say I could've drawn a Sumerian, Babylonian,Inca, Maya, Egyptian, Chinese and every universal legend (hiding some truth rather than portray an isolated myth) of a cherub with 4 faces in a single head! Since the paper of the book is 2D, I couldn't represent the 4 faces easily , I will try to dodge the limitations of Hare Krishna's designs of their entities and I will have to use nor Dali neither Picasso but Francis Picabia Dadaism technique to represent 2 faces hidden within 2 faces. And then I will proyect that entity into flat paper universe
    to explain those entities actually have been seen from people who are not squizophrenic and sometimes without the help of hallucinogenic Ayahuasca with chemical structure so similar to serotonine in the brain, acting like key-lock to perceive more than the 0.5 frequences of our limited vision. In that sense I will have to explain the entities maybe trapped in geomagnetic navels of the world (particularly the ones when in the past too much soul-blood was poured of these ancient civilizations). I will have to say the proyection is like gluing a bidimensional photograph of ourselves into that flat universe or just proyecting a film upon the surface of that flat paper for the amusement of the Flatlander. If you set the things thinking in us it would be like the film Hypercube II and you wouldn't be surprise to read the following things:
    [PLAIN]http://solder.ath.cx/Burisch/billh/ganesh.htm [Broken]
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    I don't know why the post doesn't appear complete. Anyway I will write only after ".com/" , what you have to add is: /magazine/articles/marcahuasi/marcahuasi.html
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    I suspect if that was the case in ancient civilizations who used hallucinogenic substances using the shaman as the link, they resolved the equation of hyperdimension actually representing the beings from "beyond" or gods (you can accept or not but actually they said this themselves!) not only painting the walls in dark temples (again they were built dark on purpose and I suppose I don't have to write why scientists gave that Greek name "melatonine" for pituitary gland acting at night, do I?) but even representing them in 3D...that is statues.
    You may think we are controling everything in this part of the universe, but are we? Is it a mere subconscious symbol that allows teenagers to have such fun with RPG games or Mortal Combat heroes with bizarre appearence, the Thundercats, the Power Rangers who eventually gather themselves to constitute TRANSFORMERS pretty much like ancient gods? Is it a mere coincidence the experts in genetics are thinking in using ANIMAL transgenics into human flesh and blood? It looks like Sumerian account was pretty accurate regarding our DNA and their gods. Yet I always have to write the authors they are wrong if they think gods are antropomorphous, if indeed there are hyperdimensions there's a probablity we are just images or shadows of that other invisible reality. I suppose if Bosson particle and gravitons are invisible, we don't have the device to photograph a reality that Michio Kaku may think is smaller than a proton in the twin Crunched cosmos...unless he's wrong and we are in the Crunch cosmos and the other dimensions -whatever number you choose- are in the other one. Who knows for sure? Maybe the electrochemic energy of your neurons submited to entropy are just remembering the future and forgot the past and we are confused thinking about space-time and everything is perceived as an illusion in the hollographic matrix of the cosmos made out of bites. All this science is just a joke and speculation. Yet one thing is true and Kaku admits: math is not invented, it's just discovered just as Mendeleiev figured out the patterns in chemistry.
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    Who knows?

    By the way, I think you mean "anthropomorphous" gods.
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    Yap! :smile:
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