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What splits at the slits?

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    In single particle interference experiments:

    what, besides probability amplitude, splits at the slits?

    don't mean to have the reader in splits.....;)

    Side note:
    During the creation of entangled photons (and I am not saying that in single particle interference there, necessarily, is some form of entanglement) the momenta/energies/frequencies are split. The law of conservation of energy still applies to this quantum mechanics phenomena known as quantum entanglement.
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    Simon Bridge

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    The barrier splits at the slits.
    Note: the probability amplitude does not "split" either. That is not a useful way of describing what happens. In wave-mechanics, the wave-function is continuous.
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    Nothing splits at the slits.
    Splitting (of wave function), or more precisely decoherence, happens at the detector or at any place where the system interacts strongly with the environment.
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