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News What? Sudan becomes US ally in 'war on terror'

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    Sudan becomes US ally in 'war on terror'

    Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington
    Saturday April 30, 2005


    Sudan's Islamist regime, once shunned by Washington for providing a haven for Osama bin Laden as well as for human rights abuses during decades of civil war, has become an ally in the Bush administration's "war on terror".
    Only months after the US accused Khartoum of carrying out genocide in Darfur, Sudan has become a crucial intelligence asset to the CIA.

    In the Middle East and Africa, Sudan's agents have penetrated networks that would not normally be accessible to America, one former US intelligence official told the Guardian. Some of that cooperation has spilled over into the war in Iraq: Sudan is credited with detaining foreign militants on their way to join anti-American fighters there.

    Sudanese agents have also helped the CIA to monitor Islamist organisations in Somalia.

    "The intelligence relationship is the strongest thread between Washington and Khartoum," the official said. "Khartoum is probably the only government in the Arab League that has contributed in a major way to the protection of US forces and citizens in Iraq."

    etc etc

    "...I quite understand that the war on terrorism means dealing with bad actors, but to fly in one of Sudan's chief committers of what Washington has formally described as genocide is deeply disturbing..."

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/print/0,3858,5183283-103681,00.html [Broken]

    out of curiousity I wonder how much oil sudan has?
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    The text of the article contradicts its own title: "Officially, Washington's position towards Sudan remains unchanged."

    Such limited cooperation does not at all imply that they are an "ally", but rather that we're scaring them into cooperating with us. See: Libya and Syria. One thing terrorists, of course, understand is terror. Don't underestimate how cooperative a terrified terrorist can be.
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    Sudan: 563 million barrels

    For comparison:

    #1 Saudi Arabia: 261.7 billion
    #10 China : 23.7 billion
    #31 Sudan: 563 million

    lol while looken for htis info, i found a hilarious website saying how evil the US is and it lists "All the countries the US has bombed" and man, you gotta have lived in a cave to believe this crap. The first one it chose was China: 1945-1946 (yes i know that TECHNICALLY we did bomb china but come on). And then it tells about the "reckless military actions" of the US and ahaha, their first example is "Chinese military pilot killed by spy plane collision". Remember that spy plane that the chinese aircraft crashed into because they were screwing around a few years ago? yah, well, i guess thats "US military recklesness" that caused that instead of a highly menuverable aircraft only a few meters off the US aircrafts wings (as seen on video).
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    really i didn't know, & i suspect that site is bill blum's www.killinghope.org. he's got lots of good info since he pretty much lives in the national archives & library of congress.
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    Naa, the sites davidbeaumont.btinternet.co.uk so i guess the guys name is david beaumont but haha i mean come on, whos suppose to swallow this bull? I mean as long as your beyond 5th grade history, your too educated to believe his crap.
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