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What system of measurment is used in US Universities?

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    I know that the United States officially uses the Imperial Measurement System (eg. feet, inches) instead of the Metric System (eg. centimeters, kilometers). What system is most commonly used at universities in the US? Are courses in the US taught primarily in the Imperial System? I'm asking incase I ever decide to study south of the 49th parallel (ie. in the US).

    Thank you.
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    It depends on what your studying.

    If your studying physics, they use the metric system most of the time.

    If your studying engineering, then you probably use both.
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    I never knew this, this sucks. In my country you hear of feet and inches (from time to time) but in school all you year about is meters. I honestly thought that SI (Systeme Internationale) units were used all over the world by now, after all it should be international.
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    Standard may be used in common life, but metric is all we ever used when I took AP calc and AP physics this year.
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    SI is used, the US population is too dumb/lazy to learn the metric system. They started implementing it in the northern states by Canada and the people couldnt understand it so they stopped trying.
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