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Stargazing What Telescope should I get?

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    I live in Wales, UK, im doing my GCSE's now and im really interested in astronomy, i've asked my parents for a telescope for my birthday in december, im looking for one around £80-£120, i want one that can see planets like jupiter, saturn and maybe star constellations, galaxies or nebulae. Please reply on which you think i should get :)
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    In that price range you aren't going to get much. However, you could find a small used refractor in that price range which will easily show you the brighter objects - the moon, jupiter, venus, saturn, mars.... and some of the brighter deepsky objects.

    However, don't expect more than the brightest of galaxies and nebula in any scope for that price range - unless you find some sort of amazing deal.
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    okay, thanks :)
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