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What text book's should I use?

  1. Jul 17, 2013 #1
    Hey everyone, I really do hope I'm posting in the right section new forums can be overwhelming sometimes so it's hard to know.

    I'm looking to start learning physics, I have little to no experience in the subject and was wondering what textbooks I should buy, I want to self teach myself from a beginners level, to as far as I am able to at home, so basically from a year 11 level to as advance as I can possibly self teach, I know there are ebooks on this site but I'd rather learn out of a textbook, any help is greatly appreciated and I promise to become active on this forum once i start learning :). I don't want to just learn theories I actually want to learn what they teach at school and uni. I can to this forum after realising I should ask some experts what I should learn instead of buying random textbooks.
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    How much mathematics do you know? Algebra? Trigonometry? Calculus?
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    I know algebra and trigonometry, If I see the physics work though and I realise I need to work more on my maths as well I'll just get my old math textbooks and buy some if I have to :) but I don't know Calculus
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    This one is good for calculus Calculus: An Intuitive and Physical Approach By MORRIS KLINE
    Mathematics and the Physical World (Dover books explaining science) by Morris Kline
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    Maybe it's late, but this book is very interesting and useful (as u want from basic to advance)
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