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What that encode

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    what that "encode"

    I am watching a rm file I recieved from my friend's Cd. When the file is playing, I notice at the bottom of my real-player screen and see ("Light in my life" encoded by Harison XYZ) and I am wondering if any one of you here would be willing enough to give me an answer as to what that "encode" means...and if you can also tell me where I can find materials or explanation on that encoding process.

    Thanks a lot,
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    Can you tell me how a file can be stream via internet ? I mean the mechanism, please give me any information you know, I am very grateful for that..

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    I think these two topics are very similar so I merged them.

    Encoding means taking data and converting it to another format. For example you take a cda music file from a cd and encode(rip) it to mp3. You can also take an avi video file and convert it to mpeg.

    Depending on what your going to encode, the process is different, therefore you'll have to be a bit more specific in what materials you want.

    Streaming is basically encoding a file in a compressed format and sending small chunks of the file to the client's computer when needed. A buffer is used to minimize or eliminate jumps in the playback.

    http://www.unikron.com/howtovideostream.htm [Broken]
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    Thanks dduardo,
    mp3->rm and vice versa
    Are there any tools out there for me to do that ? Can you tell me how such a tool works in actuality ?

    How about streaming, can you tell me something about it too ?

    Again Thanks a lot

    note, I am sorry, he is coming back soon, I have got to go, bye, please help me, okay ?
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    Real Media is a proprietary format. You'll have to buy it from Real Networks Inc. The only way you'll find out how they encode the files is if you actually work for them.

    http://www.realnetworks.com/products/producer/ [Broken]
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