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What the best way to measure Vacuum flow

  1. Feb 22, 2012 #1
    Afternoon all

    I am currently designing a vacuum rig to measure vacuum flow on a pressure vacuum valve.
    Measureing the pressure side of the valve is simple, but trying to get sense out of the figures for the measurement of vacuum is something else.
    I am using an Orifice plate to get my flow figures but they do not tally with the positive side
    of the valve even though the bores of the valves are identical, I was expecting a slight difference but not 30%.
    The rig consists of a large 12" dia pipe which the valves sits on, this pipe has tappings for a transducer and temp probe. Then there is 20 ft of 6" pipe which connects to the orifice plate station. I have a DP cell and pressure transducer at this point also a temp probe. There is then 15ft of 6" pipe that connects to a blower which we have install so it sucks rather than blows. The capacities I am dealing with are from 40 Ncum/hr to 4000 Ncum/hr. with pressure settings of 1 mBar to 110 mBar.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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