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What the heck did he do?

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    Ok - my college has a wifi but it is secured with a password. A guy beside my room did something and i am able to get internet connection somehow.
    Here is what happens-
    I get a wifi connection with the guy's name. I connect to it and then that wifi inturn connects to the college wifi giving me internet. I dont know what he did - all he tells me is that he didnt hack the college wifi password. He did something else - he used some lan port(I dont know what this is) or something
    Any idea what he did?
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    Hey jd12345.

    A LAN is basically a cable based connection to a network. It sounds like what he did is basically connect a LAN cable to some connection that has a direct link to the university network and you are using that instead.

    It's basically those blue cables you see everywhere in a room full of computers and if he is talking about that kind of port, then that's all it is.
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    Maybe he has set up a LAN connection to this ? :smile:
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    More then likely, The connection you are seeing is "the guy next door's" Wi-Fi router, his router is directly connected to your colledge's internal network the library computers for example or all classroom computers are connected this way, where as staff laptops connect through the schools protected wifi.

    His wifi is unsecured and is sharing the colledge's network connection in turn the internet connection aswell.

    So there is no hacking involved its more just sharing a wired connection without adding security to it, The school must have no proxy server to stop this from happening, i would contact your IT Technician and let him know what this guy is doing as im sure his doing something that is looked down upon due to the colledge wifi having security.

    Your train of thought is quite accurate but the connection works as follows
    Next door's Wifi -> Schools Network -> Schools Internet.
    Rather than
    Next door's Wifi -> Schools Wifi -> Schools Network -> Schools Internet.
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