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What the hell?

  1. Oct 23, 2007 #1
    Without taking up too much time, I came across this ridiculous article (only pasted the first 2 paragraphs) which supposedly was discovered out of Bell laboratories. What is this nonsense??

    "A few leading scientists have come up with a new theory that is sending shock waves through the world of physics. Ever since Benjamin Franklin -- and maybe before -- people have believed that light emitted outward and replaced the emptiness we call darkness. Today this old theory is in question.

    According to some researchers the sources of light -- the sun, candles, light bulbs -- actually suck dark in. In enlightened circles light bulbs are more accurately called dark suckers. Behind this scientific breakthrough lie some shocking facts."
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    I think the forum policies here are conflicting: should you have cited your source (so we can tell you whether it's humour, say), or are you prohibited from doing so?
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    oh, sorry guys. It was a "heard it through the grape vine deal". I also heard it was backed by Bell labs, however I couldn't find anything official upon my search attempt, just the occasional physics enthusiasts "dark suckers" reiteration page. Out of respect for everyone here I did not want to waste your time. Sorry and thanks!!!
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