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Homework Help: What the title should be?

  1. Nov 27, 2005 #1
    i have been set an essay about cofactors. the title is

    while many enzymes catalyse reactions using simply the chemical functions present in amino acid side chains, many others employ a range of other chemical entites( metal ions,organic molecules)as cofactors.

    (a),outline, with examples, the range of cofactors employed by enzymes
    (b) describe in detail the role one cofactor in the action of a selected enzyme, and
    (c) comment on the chemical functionalities of the amino acids present in proteins and on the functionalities which are absent, hence requiring the use of cofactors.

    the cofactor i have chosen is zinc and the enzyme i am going to write is about carbonic anhydrase, i am just wondering can anyone here suggest me a good title for my essay?? i don't have a clue at all........thanx thanx
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    You will have to show us some work before we give an answer.

    A good title should be clear, as descriptive as possible and simple. For your subject, the keywords are: zinc, cofactor and carbonic anhydrase.

    Try to arrange the words in way that will yield a good title.
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