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News What the world is everybody thinking?

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    I could scarcely believe what I think is happening. After reading a few posts by members who appear to be citizens in nations other than the United States, I sense a polorization occuring. And amongst members that are appear to be fellow citizens of the United(italics added for emphasis) States of America I sense a steady undercurrent similar to this world polorization. I may be able to elaborate in future threads but in this topic starter, I hope to concisely state some views which I have (of course not all) and I have no claim to the originality of any.

    I emphasized the word UNITED because here in the U.S., I sense an idealogical split which I think has no precedent in no other event but the war between the states. Irregardless of race, ethenicity, culture, gender or class I see a divide into two camps with nary a waiver towards a semblence of open-mindedness, not that being open minded should blind one to the concrete reality one experiences as one lives. The division is along party lines, more specificly, its as simple as a few words in relation to one individual. Are you for or against?

    Such a broad range these five words cover, so much ground. The war, the economic policies, the strictures to freedom and liberty, the deviousness dealt to the elderly and the youth, the support for for a nation which would visit upon others what it won't let the Earth forget was visited upon their ancestors. ((clue: begins with 'H', has an 'L', a 'C', and ends in T) I know its a reach, glad I got your attention! Still genocide by any other name ... enough of that)) All of that is within the realm of those five little words and more.

    Lets get back to being 'United'. The best thing that could happen FOR the USA is if John McCain changed his mind and considered being vice-president for John Kerry which would eliminate bi-partisan bickering and waste once Bush is ousted. They have the potential of being an exceptionally great team, they are both team players and both have the utmost patriotism to the USA, I think they can even develop an immunity to corporate coercion because they love their country.

    The first paragraph opens a pandoras box, rhetorically speaking. I detect strong feelings, not so good directed towards the USA. Directly, these anamosities are rebounding off the current Commander and Cheif and effecting all of us of the US. At the gas stations, in the housing market, in the job market, on the home front, at home - we are feeling and experiencing the effects of myriad repercussions that the enormous miscalculation to effect a unilateral change in the world demographic has caused. As the citizens of other nations examine US motives and ethics, we were to the common citizen being unjustly criticized, due to recent events we're somewhat more contrite. Still, the Rush Limbaugh order of thinkers would differ.
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