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What the

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    What the ********

    Is this correct?


    German Government Publication Promotes Incestuous Pedophilia as Healthy Sex Ed Micheal O'Brien, author on crisis of culture in West, says this "German state intervention in family life is a new level of auto-destruction"
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    I second that. On second thought I 10^99999.... that!

    It says in the article that 93% of parents and educators were in support of legislation to be passed. Though I am doubtful of the article's credibility, if this is true then there is something seriously wrong with German parents.
    Some lines in the article, I find too obscene to even quote!

    I wish somebody would confirm the authenticity.
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    Apparently, this took place some time ago. But it seems the booklets have been stopped. The song book however continues to remain in circulation.

    I wonder who they consulted with while writing the book, that guy they caught in Thailand?
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    Chi Meson

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    My guess is that a poll was conducted with a questions such as "would you be in favor of a law that was aimed at curbing pedophilia in our nation?"

    That is one of the few questions I can think of where 93% of humanity would be in favor. There is no way that the question was up-front and honest about how the "aim" was going to be carried out.

    Appears that the fox was sent in to guard the chickens.
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    Seems to me that this is just going way too far in combating the extreme of people worried about taking pictures of their kids in the bath or on the beach through worries that if someone misconstrued it they may be labelled a paedophile.

    However, the "touching" aspects of that article show you can go way too far.

    I would've thought it a hoax, or some propoganda of a political party like the pro-paedohilia they had running in elections over here in Holland recently, however seems genuine which just leaves me baffled.
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    It is a small mercy stopping the booklet.
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