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What the?

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    I have a little problem.

    There is this message I get, after I direct connect to someone on AIM that says, "The disk in drive A: needs to be reformatted." The options are "Ok" or "Cancel". I clicked "Ok" and the harddrive makes a buzzing sound for quite a while.

    Why and how do I fix this?
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    LMAO, anyone need more evidence that most computer systems are WAY to open?

    BTW, not a windows basher here, I'm firmly convinced that the only reason that some people think Linux is so secure is because not enough people have put in the effort to make a mess of it yet. I'm also convinced that this will someday (soon) change.

    Unfortunately, if we are going to continue to us tcp/ip on the internet, nothing will ever be totally secure. The thing that stops most hackers is that they don't have the necessary "inside info" to really get into a lot of networks. This will change as more and more people create and learn about home networking and do stupid things online. One example that I saw recently posted to a support forum is

    "I'm trying to get connected to my companies network from home, I've set up my linksys router for a vpn tunnel with xxx.XXX.213.123, ISK bob, and and I'm using port "guess it yourself".

    Names and ip's have been changed to protect the stupid and I'm sure this guy didn't know what he was doing by posting such info(be sure that MANY people on the forum told him and a moderator changed the revealing info quickly) but it shows that as regular employees get more familiar with internet and intranet, it's going to be a scary place for some system admins. Most small business networks today are nothing more then large home networks with little to no security.

    Sorry, didn't mean to get on a rant or hijack this thread, but it's been ticking me off the last few days. Walked into a clients site the other day and found a sticky note on the server with the admin name and password on it. The only thing that I've seen to date to beat that is the guy that had a bag of charcoal and lighter fluid sitting on and next to their main server in the store room.

    If you don't care at all about your data, fine, just don't get ticked at me when it gets corrupted, deleted, hacked, burned.......... and you still havn't invested in decent backup hardware/softeare.
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