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What to Choose for Mathematics

  1. Nov 7, 2011 #1
    Hey everyone!

    Registration for next semester at the college I'm attending begins next month, and I need to decide which classes I'll want to be taking. I've already made the choice for nearly all the classes I want to take, and I'll also need to have a talk with my counselor to see if he approves of it. The hardest part for me is deciding about which mathematics course to enroll in. I'm taking Precalculus this semester, and it seems that if I keep doing and more importantly trying in my work, I'll be able to pass. What I'm having trouble deciding is whether I should take a course in Calculus 1, a course in Introductory Statistics, or whether I should take it easy next semester and take a course in American History?

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    What major are you??
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    ^ I'm thinking of deciding of majoring in Economics, or if I change my mind, I'm going back to studying Business Finance.
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    What degree level are you aiming? If just A.A. and nothing more, then the Statistics course is good, or enough. No matter, taking it easy is not the way to do. You're in PreCalculus now, and if you skip a semester of Math, you will loose too much skill and knowledge.

    Best suggestion is to take Calculus 1 next. You can always stick in the Statistics later.
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    Well, I'm thinking that I'll be taking enough accounting courses so that I can get prepared for the C.P.A exam, so that It'll look well on my resumé. I'm also thinking of getting a bachelor's or a master's in Economics, and a minor in Philsophy (I know, it seems like a lot! :P) The main reason that I want to major in Economics is because of my strong interest in mathematics.
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    then both calculus and statistics will be heavily needed. statistics more though.
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    Hmm... It's a bit hard to decide. Should I take a course in Calculus, Statistics, or should I skip a course in mathematics and take another course in Economics?
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    One would think this lead you to a decision.
  10. Nov 8, 2011 #9
    I took Calculus I and non-calc Statistics at the same time with no trouble. If you are doing well in pre-calculus you should consider taking both. Non-calc stats is very simple, and only requires time to memorize and understand concepts. There wasn't much mathematical rigor from my experience.

    I wouldn't take a semester off from mathematics though.
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