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What to do during the Summer ?

  1. Jan 30, 2010 #1
    So I'm a junior dual majoring in math/physics. I've applied to some REU programs, but considering the low acceptance rate, I'm wondering what else I could do this summer. The last few summers I've worked as a tutor. I've been looking around for some classes to take, but most of them are intro. physics & basic mathematics. I also don't have an exceptionally huge budget. So any ideas on what other possibilities there are? I loath the idea of working at Wal-mart for another summer.
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    Could you possibly find research work outside of the REU? My general impression of named research awards is that they are primarily utilized by people wanting a line on their resume. If you're really interested in research, there's probably a prof willing to hire you. It's fairly cheap to hire undergrads for the summer, so I'd encourage you to reach out to any professors who might have some suggestions. Ask around, even if you could find a prof willing to hire you for 10 hours a week at minimum wage, you'd still learn a fair bit, be able to make a great impression to lock something up for next summer, and have enough spare time to earn some $$$$ with a mcJob.
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    Also, do you have any research ideas of your own? It would show a lot of initiative if you approached a professor with an idea for research you want to conduct over the summer, and just needed a little funding. Can you program? There are a lot of interesting research topics appropriate for undergrads involving signal processing where you could get an introduction to Fourier analysis, and cover material relevant to your math as well as physics.
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    Yeah, but the profs I know willing to pay for students want some free work out of them first, just to gauge how useful the student is. Can you afford to do some free research for a semester? (Like this semester, so come summer they'd love to hire you.)
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