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What to do for a year? Any Masters programs that offer funding?

  1. Mar 20, 2013 #1
    Hey guys, I started taking math courses only 2nd semester sophomore year due to a decision to switch career paths. By graduation, I'm going to have some research experience under my belt, but most of my more advanced coursework is going to take place next year, so it won't appear on my transcript. Moreover, I know I can secure research with a professor 2nd semester next year (he's on sabbatical till then), and that won't be appear on applications if I apply to grad schools next fall/winter. Therefore, I've been thinking of applying to graduate schools the following fall. Is this a good idea? I'd have more good coursework, more research experience, and I'll be closer to my rec writers, since I'll have done research with one of them. However, I've heard it's bad to not be doing anything during the year? Do any of you have recommendations on things I should focus on doing during that year I'll have free between graduating and attending grad school? I've been thinking of applying to some Canadian masters programs, as I have a decent math background and many of them provide funding for masters students (some also have more research oriented math programs). Are there any US schools that are more known to give funding for masters programs?

    And finally, does all of this sound like a good idea? Maybe I should just go ahead and apply next semester, but I feel like I'm at a big disadvantage having started taking math classes so much later and having these time constraints for taking GREs and such.

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